A sound installation by Baaraan Ijlal

What is Change Room
Conceptualized in early 2018, the journey of Change Room began at artist Baaraan Ijlal's Residency at the Conflictorium - Museum of Conflict in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The artist recorded voices of people belonging to different cross-sections one on one, then played them anonympusly to an audience in a fog filled room. From there, it travelled to Delhi, where more and more people showed interest in speaking up and breaking their long-held silences, through this work of art. Their voices then travelled to Tent Art Space, Kolkata and yet more people came forward to speak about their idea of fear and apprehension in their day to day lives.
As an installation that is meant to be accessible to all those who want to tell their stories, it is designed in a way that it can be set up in any kind of space that is accessible to the public, be it indoors or outdoors.