Whims of Future
1st Workshop: 9th December
Venue: South Asia University

Paul Wong: Private/Public/Lives
Curated by Anushka Rajendran
Preview: 16th Nov, 6-9 pm
17th - 1st Dec 2018

Art Scribes Award 2018-19
Applications open for Art Scribes Award. Deadline for submissions : 7th October.


Coming soon..


12 - 18th July 2018
Open studio: 18 - 19 July, 3-7 pm

Caressing History
Curated by Adwait Singh
13 Apr - 15 May 2018

Sue Williamson
Other Voices, Other Cities
Curated by Anushka Rajendran
1st Nov - 09 Dec 2017

Curatorial Project
'Wit(h)' curated by Anushka
Rajendran, recipient of Art Scribes
Awards 2014-15 at Shrine Empire