Horizon and Beyond

Bheeshma Sharma born in Imphal (Manipur) to a Rajasthani family in a state that was already suffering from terrorism and intrusion. Mass shootings, bomb blasts, and kidnappings were a common occurrence. Such occurrences made him perceptible of the reality at a very early age.

The unfavorable circumstances and lack of opportunities made it very hard for him to continue studies there, he had to move out at an early age away from his home and family which was very difficult and heartbreaking. His past made him very sensitive towards events like War, destruction, climate change, and calamities (both natural and human-made). The inclination towards these subjects are rather personal that give him an edge. He does not deliberately drag these subjects in his art or the materials he uses, yet these keep repeating through visuals and ideas. His practice has drastically changed over these last two years since he started experimenting with new materials and learning few skills. Previously the foundation of his works was focused on sculpting in an academically-oriented and conceptually challenging environment. Because of the work environment, other options were not explored and looked upon as an alternative to sculptures which made him realize things need to be much more pleasant to make sense, generate curiosity and question while keeping in mind the fundamentals of visual art.

Moving back to his hometown, revisiting old places made him wonder the extent to which things have been deteriorating over there. The forest area faces the heat of urbanization, which once had an average rainfall of around 1990 cms annually currently faces water shortage. Deforestation is evident as the demand for wood, highways, agricultural land and commercial buildings is rising. The increasing number of vehicles, factories, and air traffic resulting in pollution has put him on a quest to put these issues in his work and in a way that reflects his practice and sensitivity towards these subjects.

As a sculpture student, his first choice of art-making is always form-based using conventional mediums. Though, he finds it hard to keep up with the cost of renting a studio and creating sculptures in the current scenario without any financial support. Considering these circumstances, he tried experimenting with paintings and digital works. The gradual shift in dimensions made it extremely frustrating at first, he had to start from scratch. After about a year of trial and error, he now feel confident sharing his work.